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June 13, 2008


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What's the difference between Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll?
They sort of sound the same. Any difference.

I'm not talking about the crappy modern RnB with stupid beats here, I'm talking about classic RnB. Also, I'm talking about rock & roll, not rock.

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How long does it take to tour the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & other places in Cleveland worth checking out?
Just wondering approximately how long it would take to tour the museum. I've been to Cleveland several times for Indians and Cavs games but never to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and I wasn't sure how big of a place it was.

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I write ALOT of poetry and I am told it is very inspiring. I am also told on many occasions that I should submit it to contest to get my poetry published. I feel as if I should not just plublish one if I do decide I want to publish, so how would I go about getting my poetry published and copyrighted?

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