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December 06, 2007


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Derrick Bostrom

I'm sure you could grow this list if you really applied your passion.

Oops! Ouch!

Joe Kilmartin

"At the end of the day" is the one that really got under my skin after a while mostly because I had felt it was coined by some businessment who had been forced to sit through YET another "complimentary, post-meeting" set of show tickets for LES MIZ for a vactioning-big-name-client-who-they- really-had-to-get-to-sign-on- the-dotted-line. There are dozens and dozens of expressions that I used to hear middle-management types use, parrotting them back to their underlings after they had heard them from their own bosses and were attempting to incorporate them into their conversations so it appeared that they were not only "on the same page" as their bosses, but also to indicate that the bosses were, finally, "really getting through to them".

I find that jargon is inevitably a form of conversational slurry that only the lowest of the underlings use after a while, only because they feel it makes them sound clever, and because the real go-getters seem to think it's talk-training for middle-management.

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